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Rise of the Ottoman Empire

In the very early 14th Century, the chief of a Turkish tribe, Othman or Osman had started an Empire in the Western Anatolia which had managed to live for almost six centuries. This was the first rise of the Ottoman Empire. This Empire had managed to grow in huge distances over the years that it had thrived, covering, parts of Hungary and Russia to Algeria.

The dynasty founded by Othman was the Osmanli which meant sons of Osman. Hence this name evolved into the English one we know today called Ottoman. During the 11th century nomadic Turks had emerged from Asia to raid the lands to their west. The strongest among them was the Seljuk's who established themselves in Asia Minor.

After their defeat, by the Mongols, the Othman had emerged as a leader of a fight between them and the Byzantine Empire. The initial areas of the rise of the Ottoman Empire were mainly under Othman I and also his successor or son Orkhan and his son Murad. This was in the western part of the Asia Minor and also south eastern Europe, mainly in the Balkan area.

Murad had also conquered Thrance and he had shifted off his capital to Adrionople. This had helped in cutting off Constantinople from the world hence helping in the rise of the Ottoman Empire. After Murad I was killed off, Beyazid who was his successor was unable to make any sort of conquests in Europe. Hence he was started to gain fame in the world of conquests in Asia Minor and had gotten the attention of Timur Lenk, who had taken Beyazid captive, where he had passed away.

After Lenk had retired Beyazid's sons had taken up and the four had fought for the control of the Empire and hence the rise of the Ottoman Empire. Mohammed I had managed to kill off all of his brothers and had taken control. He was followed by Murad II and his successor was Mohammed II. He had managed to finish the siege of Constantinople and had turned it into the capital of the huge Empire. Hence this led to the rise of Ottoman Empire.

Along with this he even works for a good administrative and also tax system. He was given assistance because the entire Byzantine bureaucratic structure had fallen into his palms and hence had made things easier.

This site covers all areas Ottoman Empire History Facts. Besides the popular Ottoman topics like rise and fall, leaders, society, economy, Inventions, Religion, it also covers several other areas like comparison with other empires.

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