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Ottoman Empire Wars and Battles

There were various Ottoman Empire wars in history. The life of this Empire stretched for around 6 centuries. The maximum territory which this Empire had was from Central Europe till the Persian gulf and the Caspian Sea to the North of Africa. The battles which were fought here were very high. But then we let you know what the more important battles were.

Ottoman Empire Wars:

1302 - Battle of Baheus against the Byzantine Empire
1329 - Battle of Pelekanon against the Byzantine Empire
1355 - Battle of Ihtiman against the Bulgarian Empire
1364 - Battle of Maritsa against Serbia
1381 - Battle of Dubrovnica against Serbia
1385 - Battle of Savra against Serbia
1388- Battle of Bileca against Bosnia
1389 - Battle of Kosovo against Serbia and Bosnia
1395 - Battle of Rovine against Southern Romania
1396 - Battle of Nicopolis against Crusades
1402 - Battle of Ankara against the Timurid Empire
1444 - Battle of Varna against the Crusades
1448 - Battle of Kosovo II against Hungary
1457 - Battle of Albulena against Albania
1464 - Battle of Ohrid against Albania
1473 - Battle of Otlukbeli against the Akkoyunlu Turkmens
1475 - Battle of Vasliu against North Romania
1476 - Battle of Valea Alba against Moldavia
1479 - Battle of Campul Painii against Serbia and Hungary
1493 - Battle of Krbava against Venice
1500 - Battle of Modon against Venice
1514 - Battle of Chaldiran against Persia
1516 - Battle of Marj Dabiq against Mamluk Egypt
1517 - Battle of Ridanieh against Mamluk Egypt
1526 - Battle of Mohacs against Hungary, Poland and Papal States
1529 - Battle of Formentera against Holy Roman Empire
1538 - Battle of Preveza against the Holy League
1541 - Battle of against the Holy Empire
1545 - Battle of Sokhoista against Gregoria
1552 - Battle of Ponza against Genoa
1558 - Battle of Mostaganem against the Holy Roman Empire
1560 - Battle of Cerbe against the Holy Roman Empire, Papal states, Genoa and Kights of Malta
1571 - Battle of Lepanto against the Holy League
1578 - Battle of Cildir against Persia
1583 - Battle of Torches against Persia
1588 - Battle of Wadi al Laban against Morocco
1593 - Battle of Sisak against the holy Roman Empire
1596 - Battle of Keresztes against the Holy Roman Empire
1620 - Battle of Tutora against Poland and Moldavia
1621 - Battle of Khotyn against Poland
1649 - Battle of Focchies against Venice

Now the Ottoman Empire Wars had continued till 1897 against Greece. Here we simply let you know the list of the very first period.

This site covers all areas Ottoman Empire History Facts. Besides the popular Ottoman topics like rise and fall, leaders, society, economy, Inventions, Religion, it also covers several other areas like comparison with other empires.

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