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Ottoman Empire Timelines and Chronology

The Ottoman Empire was one of the greatest Empires which ever thrived. A lot of people want the complete Ottoman Empire Timelines, Chronology and here we provide you with it:

Rise (Ottoman Empire Timeline):

1922 - beginning of reign of Osman I (founder of the Ottoman Empire)
1389 - Battle of Kosovo where most of Serbia gets conquered
1396 - Battle of Nicopolis where Bulgaria is conquered
1444 - Battle of Varna, End of Varna Crusade

Growth (Ottoman Empire Timeline):

1453 - Capture of Constantinople by Mehmed II
1460 - Morea conquered by Mehmed II
1461 - End of Trebizond, Trabzon conquered by Medmed II
1462 - Mehmed II builds palace
1463 - Bosnia gets conquered
1473 - Uzun Hasan gets defeated by Mehmed II, Battle of Otlukbeli
1475 - Caffa captured by Gedik Ahmet Pasha
1478 - Albania gets conquered
1480 - Otranto captured by Gedik Ahmet Pasha
1481 - Death of Mehmed II, Descendant Bayezid II
1482 - Herzegovina gets conquered
1498 - Montenegro gets conquered

16th Century (Ottoman Empire Timeline):

1514 - Chalidiran battle, Ismail defeated by Selim
1516 - Battle of Marj Dabiq, Al Ashraf Qanush al Ghawri defeated by Selim
1517 - Battle of Ridaniya, Tuman bay II defeated by Selim I, Selim I becomes caliph
1519 - Algeria gets conquered
1520 - Reign of Suleiman the Magnificent starts
1521 - Belgrade captured by Suleiman I
1522 - Rhodes captured by Suleiman I
1526 - Louis II of Bohemia and Hungary defeated by Suleiman I, Battle of Mohacs
1529 - Vienna siege
1533 - Iraq comes under Turkish control
1538 - Sea battle of the Preveza
1550 - 1650's - Sultanate of Women
1551 - Libya gets taken over
1541 - Budapest captured by Suleiman I
1547 - Turkey brings most of Hungary under its control
1566 - Reign of Suleiman I ends
1569 - Great fire of Istanbul
1570 - Piyale Pasha conquers Cyprus
1574 - Tunisia gets conquered
1571 - Turks defeated at Battle of Lepanto by Spanish and Venetians
1578 - Tblisi and most of Georgia is conquered
1590 - Treaty of Istanbul

Decline (Ottoman Empire Timeline):

1830 - Algeria gets ceded to the French rule
1832 - War of Independence in Greece
1831 - 1833 - Ottoman Egyptian War
1853 - Crimean War
1860 - Agah Efendi publishes very first Turkish newspaper
1862 - Romanian autonomous state established
1876 - Constantinople conference
1877 - Russo Turkish War
1881 - Tunisia a French colony

1882 - Egypt under British protection
1885 - Eastern Rumelia under Bulgarian jurisdiction

20th Century (Ottoman Empire Timeline):

1908 - Independence in Bulgaria, Second Constitutional Era
1912 - First Balkan War
1914 - Alies with Central Powers and enters WWI
1915 - Beginning of massacres and death of Armenian intellectuals

This site covers all areas Ottoman Empire History Facts. Besides the popular Ottoman topics like rise and fall, leaders, society, economy, Inventions, Religion, it also covers several other areas like comparison with other empires.

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