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Ottoman Empire The War Machine

The Ottoman Empire which ruled for 643 long years has been depicted in a movie which was called as the 'Ottoman Empire the War Machine." This movie made its first appearance on 26th of August 2006 on the History Channel.

This film depicted the origin of the Turks who subsequently came to be known as the Ottoman, the way their successive rulers started conquering and annexing territories after territories thereby enlarging and extending their empire to such a great extent that these leaders who started as few handful of men had eventually emerged as one of the most successful empires of the world.

This "Ottoman Empire the War Machine" was a two hour documentary depicting the reign of the Ottoman Empire, was a two hour power packed documentary. This movie was narrated beautifully by Powers Booth. The movie was scripted by Doc Jarden who was also the producer of "Court TV" as well as "The Tyra Banks Show" and was directed by Robert Kirk who along with David Cargill and Rob Lihani.

This movie was an out an out American production. The Turkish people who were involved with this movie were the visual effects staff who shot segments in Turkey as well as the researchers of the movie. The plus point of this movie was that this movie was class apart from the usual movies as in this movie, emphasis would be laid on the historical facts and events rather than merely depicting the usual dogmatic sensationalism.

In spite of postponing from early summer which feared the Turkish - Americans who felt that the Armenian along with the Greek extremist pressures would have caused some ruckus considering the fact that if anything real pertaining to Turkey is being shown by the American media then those hateful groups always try to shoot it down by all possible means, the Ottoman Empire the War Machine made its way to the airwaves by fairly as well as accurately depicting the Ottoman history starting right with the modest beginnings of Osman.

David Cargill who was the director of this noteworthy film deserves some sort of a special recognition. His efforts in making such a classic movie have truly been outstanding. He shot the movie in Turkey and Morocco in the years 2005 and 2006 respectively. In order to tackle the subject flawlessly, David did his homework perfectly by interviewing the scholars at Princeton, UCLA and Berkeley.

Apart from this, in his role as a producer also, he coordinated all the re-enactment filming in Turkey as well as the USA with a cast of more than hundred actors all using talented wardrobe, props and set dressing designers spanning a history of 700 years. Additionally, David also contributed immensely to the final script as well as the overall creative concept thereby making this movie a grand success in Morocco throughout 2005 and 2006.

As one of the Directors, David filmed intervnd Berkeley. As Producer, David coordinated all the re-enactment filming in Turkey and the US with a cast of over 100 actors using talented wardrobe, props and set dressing designers spanning a history of 700 years.

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