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Ottoman Empire Genocide

World Wars I and II saw systematic and deliberate mass execution of Armenians and Jews respectively; the period during and aftermath the World War I can be regarded as the darkest point in the history of the Ottoman Empire. Deportations and killings that followed ebbed in already diminishing Ottoman Empire to a new low as the world condemned its execution of the Armenians leading to a mass genocide.


Even the deportees weren't spared as Ottoman forces forcibly marched through and executed one after the other and saw to it that no one was spared. Somehow, the policy of extermination came to the fore in the administrative history of the Ottoman Empire whose administrators saw it as identity threatening of their history and culture after Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians mixed freely into the population and were allowed to propagate their thoughts to the people of the Empire. The rulers saw it as a threat to their cultural identity and therefore may have ordered an extermination policy that would in turn execute the 3 above mentioned ethnic groups.

The Mass Execution

Though the death figures of the Armenians are put at around 1.5 million, the people of the region state that it was more and could be several times higher! Historians have however quashed any over-zealous claims by modern Armenians by quoting a figure of just over 1.5 million deaths during the period of genocide. After the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide is an important chapter in the history of cultural psychologies that worked against some ethnic groups.


It interestingly began when around 250 Armenian scholars were arrested in the year 1915, in the capital city of Constantinople. The military officials of the Empire forced them to march to the Syrian Desert on foot without food or water and therefore oversaw their execution. As it always has been during mass murders and executions, pleasures of the flesh weren't overlooked when the soldiers routinely killed the female population.

The inclusion of Armenia was supported by the people of the Empire but when the Armenians began freely propagating their thoughts on religion, there was a growing dissent that fire-balled into what came to be known as the genocide. Even testimonies and witnesses of the Armenians against the Muslims were not entertained. The result was that the Armenian population began fleeing to other countries with as little as they had left with them giving rise to the Diaspora that still lives in some countries even till this day.

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