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Ottoman Empire Economy

The Ottoman Empire was an agrarian economy. Most of its population lived on earnings drawn from small family holdings. This section of the Ottoman's population contributed to around 40 % of the taxes of the Empire.

The military expansion and fiscalism was regarded the principal source of wealth by the Ottomans. The economic and political migrations had an impact on the Ottoman economy. Wars had a major impact on the Ottoman commerce as they resulted in territorial losses which could damage the Ottoman economy.

The changes brought about in the population of the Empire because of the hard conditions like famines or the enrichment of the people attracted by the rising number of port cities owing to development of steamships or railroads affected the economy. Nomads also attributed to the economy of the Empire. They were in fact a crucial factor to the economy as they provided for animal products, textiles and transportation. The commercialization of agriculture which began in the 18th century led to the increase in demand for goods. This demand helped the Ottomans to strengthen their economy.

The transport system of the Ottoman Empire also played a key role in the economy. The technological developments in the 19th century drastically changed the modes of transport and communication. With the invention of steamship, the journey through sea became easy. The ships carrying large quantities of goods could be transported by sea cheaply.

The Ottomans also were able to use the rivers with the help of steamships to bring in the goods and send them out, benefiting certain regions. For transporting goods by land, the Ottomans used caravanserai or hans. It provided safety of couriers and convoys. The network of caravanserai extended into the Balkans. It was used as place to safely keep the merchants and their animals.

The domestic trade of the Empire exceeded the international trade. The export of cotton however had doubled between 1750-1789. During the 19th century the trade of the Ottoman Empire increased by around ten to sixteen times. Foreign trade gained importance in the 19th century. It only comprised of only a part of the Ottoman economy. Tax levied on the people was different for Muslims and Non-Muslims. Muslims paid tithes while other paid poll tax. Even occasions like marriages were taxed.

This site covers all areas Ottoman Empire History Facts. Besides the popular Ottoman topics like rise and fall, leaders, society, economy, Inventions, Religion, it also covers several other areas like comparison with other empires.

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