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Ottoman Empire Artifacts

The Ottoman Empire artists were skilled people to say the least. What differentiated them from the rest of artists of other great civilizations was the fact that they were great learners. They quickly learnt when taught about the art of other regions especially from that of Persia. Greece lent a helpful hand with its architecture while from Persia; they learnt the art of miniature painting. It is not true that their art had complete Persian influences but those with an eye for detail would easily make out the difference between the Empire's art and that from Persia.


The Ottoman artifacts include some worthy mentions like miniature paintings, silverware, designer vases, chinaware, sensitive-miniature weighing scales, calligraphy and gold ornaments. Gold was traded but was not as liked as silver and therefore the demand of silver from the region only went up. They constructed small weighing scales with pure silver and with such artistic skills that is yet to be paralleled throughout history. One of the most famous pieces of artifacts of the Ottoman Empire is the Yataghan Sword/Saber. It is unlike any saber that anyone would have ever seen. One important lesson that the Ottoman learnt was that of getting high quality steel for making swords.


The sword was strong as it was beautiful. A beautiful amalgamation of silver and high quality polished steel was used to make the sword which would literally cut other swords into two! Rarely in history has some weapon been found that was decorated as well as unparalleled in strength! The most important piece of art of the Ottoman Empire did not even spare the sword - calligraphy. Exquisite calligraphy in Persian was etched on the sword and encrusted with expensive stones as well.


Other important artifacts include the artistic calligraphy that is found in all of their important pieces of art and architecture. They were master lovers of calligraphy and their love for the beauty of written word can only be judged from the fact that with such high levels of calligraphy, they could turn normal text into exquisite designs. That was their strength and credit to the contribution of the regions immense growth in art and architecture.

Little chinaware was painted in equally royal colors and was showcased in the rooms of the elite and also the palace for the royals. Though the palaces were not as imposing and huge as their Indian counterparts, they were beautiful enough.

This site covers all areas Ottoman Empire History Facts. Besides the popular Ottoman topics like rise and fall, leaders, society, economy, Inventions, Religion, it also covers several other areas like comparison with other empires.

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