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Origins of Ottoman Empire

The origins of Ottoman Empire have risen from the reaches of Anatolia which is obscure. Anatolia was located in the western side of Turkey and these Turks from the west were called Oghuz. Primarily they had come here as settles which was during the Seljuk's reign in Turkey which was from 1098 to 1308, the frontier in Anatolia was extremely hostile because of Islam.


Some of these were actually warriors to Islamic faith who were carrying out "jihad" which means holy struggle; this was so that they could move their faith among the hostile people who did believe in it. The life in Anatolia was extremely tough since the Seljuk's were the first one who had to maintain the power over the entire area.

The Ottoman s had soon started to rule in a military state which was quite small and was in western Anatolia during 1300. This was during the time that the Seljuk state was falling apart. This tiny state was in conflict with various other small Muslim states. Each of these states would pray on each other for one thing - territory.


By the 1400's the Ottoman s had actually managed to move their influence over to most of the Anatolian state and even somewhat in the Byzantine territory which was situated in the Eastern side of Europe: Bulgaria and Macedonia. In around 1042, the origins of the Ottoman Empire have moved, their capital had moved over to Edirne which is situated in Europe. It was here that they had threatened the very last bastion of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, and its capital.

This city had someone managed to defy the expansion of Islam. Irrespective of the amount of territory which fell under the Muslims, Constantinople had resisted all of the sieges. But then the Ottomans wanted to be the ones to break this. This was because capturing Constantinople would make the Ottoman Empire a strong power symbol. In 1453, "The Conqueror", Sultan Mehmed had finally taken over it and had named this Istanbul.

It was a changing point in history as the Ottoman Empire would continue to stay fixed in Istanbul, under the very watchful patronage of the Ottoman sultans. This had actually become one of the wealthiest and also most cultured cities which had existed in the early modern world. Hence the origins of the Ottoman Empire had stated. This huge Empire had managed to expand under the ruler, Sultan Selin but then it was his son, Sultan Suleiman who was called the "Lawmaker" in Islamic history and "The Magnificent" in Europe that the Empire had reached its peak.

This site covers all areas Ottoman Empire History Facts. Besides the popular Ottoman topics like rise and fall, leaders, society, economy, Inventions, Religion, it also covers several other areas like comparison with other empires.

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