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Napoleon Ottoman Empire

The Napolean Ottoman Empire came about when Europe's greatest military general Napolean Bonaparte decided to invade Egypt, in 1798, which was under the Ottoman Empire at the time. Napolean's objective was not to take over the Ottoman Empire; on the contrary, it was his method of indirectly hampering Britain's military interests.


Napolean's Moves

The governor of Egypt, who had been assigned his duty by the Ottoman ruler, who commanded Mamluke forces was pretty much unprepared for an invasion of such proportions. However, Napolean's army too wasn't in great shape because they had travelled a great distance - by ship from France to Alexandria and then on foot to Cairo, all in the deadly desert heat.

Napolean with his legendary military skill, managed to encounter and defeat the Mamluke forces on the 21st of July, in a battle known as the Battle of Pyramids. This ensured that the Napolean Ottoman Empire was born because Cairo fell into his hands.


Napolean had great respect for Islam and made this fact known. However, he began to establish Egypt as a French territory. He was the ruler and had a senate consisting of elite Egyptians to assist him. However, the British seized this chance to score over Napolean.

Nelson came across Napolean's warships which had been anchored at Aboukir Bay near the western frontier of the river Nile. There ensued a great battle - The Battle of the Nile- on the 1st of August and Nelson managed to successfully destroy Napolean's forces. All but two fighter ships survived the attack.

The Beginning Of The End

The Napolean Ottoman Empire had come into being but Napolean, the ruler of Egypt was stranded in his newly acquired territory after the Battle of the Nile. There was no way for him to transport what remained of his army back to his homeland. This also led to Turkey officially declaring war on Napolean's homeland, France because Egypt was officially a part of the Ottoman Empire.


The Turkish army prepared for ward. Napolean tried to play his cards by being prepared in advance; however, his campaign in Syria was the first of the many which led to his ultimate downfall.

After much bloodshed and fighting, in early June next year, Napolean's French Army was forced to beat a hasty retreat. The Napolean Ottoman Empire formally came to an end when whatever was left of the meager French army in Egypt was defeated by a combination of the British and Turkish forces.

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