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Borders of the Ottoman Empire


Name of the Ruler

Year of Acquisition and Territories Occupied

Osman I

In 1302, he defeated the Byzantine army near Nicaea and expanded the boundary of the Ottomans close to that of Byzantine Empire.

Orhan I

Conquered Nicaea in 1331 and Nicomedia in 1337. Captured the Mudanya, the port of Bursa in 1321. He captured the city of Bursa and made it the capital of the Empire.

Orhan raided the peninsula of Gallipoli with the aid of John VI. This led to the first establishment of the Ottoman stronghold in Europe.

Murad I

Defeated the Byzantine at the Battle of Adrianople between 1365-1369. In 1387, the Ottomans captured the city of Thessaloniki from the Venetians. From 1371 -1389, Murad had fought battles with the Serbs.

The important ones were the Battle of Maritsa in 1371 and the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. On both events, Murad’s army won.

Bayezid I

In 1394 he laid siege to Constantinople, capital of Byzantine Empire. Bayezid defeated the King of Hungary and Sigismund in the Battle of Nicopolis in 1396.

Mehmed I

He brought an end to the Interregnum in 1413. He restored the Ottoman Empire and shifted the capital from Bursa to Edrine. He captured parts of Albania, Candaroglu and Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.

Murad II

In 1444, he defeated the Polish-Hungarian army at the Battle of Varna. Anatolian states of Aydin, Germiyan, Menteshe and Teke were conquered. He defeated the Karamanid in 1428 and Venice at the second Siege of Thessalonica in 1430.

In 1430 he captured large areas in Balkan. He defeated the Christian coalition at the Second Battle of Kosovo in 1448.

Mehmed II

He captured Constantinople in 1453 and made it the Ottoman capital.

Selim I


Selim and his army defeated the Safavids and Shah Ismail at the Battle of Chaldiran in 1514. He established Ottoman rule in Egypt, Syria and Palestine. Selim I conquered the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. He also created a naval presence on the Red Sea.

Suleiman I

He captured Belgrade in 1521. In 1535, Baghdad was captured from the Persians. He conquered Rhodes, a major portion of Hungary, a large part of Middle east and Algeria. Ottoman’s during his reign controlled areas from Mediterranean to the Red sea and the Persian Gulf.

In 1538, under the command of Khair ad Din or Barbarossa, the Spanish army was defeated at the Battle of Preveza. Areas like East of Morocco, Tripolitania, Tunisia and Algeria were added to the Empire. Nice was captured in 1543.


Ottoman empire borders

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